About the Artist

Steve has been creating art his entire life, and having grown up with a father who is one of the top industrial designers in the country…he learned the value of putting in the work and doing it well. At 12 Steve began competing in (and winning) woodworking competitions in Michigan, and has been working with wood ever since. He also began studying classical violin at 7, and eventually became concert master of the youth orchestra, also in Michigan. Steve continues to play music, and when he decided to build his own electric violin, he wanted to incorporate decorative glass into the design. That drove him to study glass blowing and torchwork, but neither provided the look he wanted, then he discovered kilnworked glass and it was a perfect fit. Steve loves the challenge of working through a precise, technical process to create something beautiful. Fused glass provided that challenge, and he has now been working with glass for more than 25 years.