15″ Apollonian Hubris Plate

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Made by hand, one at a time.  I start with only the finest, lead-free, food safe sheets of glass made in the U.S. by Artisans of their craft.

I spent more than 5 hours making this piece, and there is a story behind its name…it humbled me.  I have always loved fractals and one of my favorites is the Apollonian Gasket pattern, so I decided to make a plate with this design.  Now one of the most challenging things to do in glass is create circles…it wants to break in straight lines…so I thought I’d show off my circle cutting skills with this project.  Everything went great, I got all the many circles cut and ground perfectly, then it was fired 3 separate times to temperatures between 1,200 – 1,500 degrees Fahrenheit, for a minimum of 6 hours each firing.  On the very last firing, just one of 70 or so circles (look closely at the blue ones) decided to crack…reminding me that hubris rarely results in perfection…

15-1/4″ Diameter x 1-1/2″H


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